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Frame Change is an education management and consulting firm strategically focused on identifying, analyzing, and producing solutions to support underserved learners, their educators, and their communities.

Our Vision & Mission

To advance educational opportunities for underserved learners to thrive and contribute positively to their communities by creating a global network of education solution providers and impactful media content.

Our Mission:

To Identify best in class resources and create pathways to connect human capital expertise, products, and services to the learners who need them most, the underserved populations.

  • Increase the visibility of challenges facing underserved populations and advocate for solutions that eradicate those challenges including public policy, comprehensive services, and resource allocation innovation.

  • Identify best-in-class culturally and socially relevant education products, services, human capital resources, and relevant expertise to address the complex needs of underserved learners.

  • Create and facilitate pathways for education solution(s) and their providers to reach the schools, communities, and critical decision makers that support underserved populations.

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Our Founders

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Brand Guidelines

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