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Educational Management and Consulting Services

Virtual Schools

Providing technology solutions to solve the K-12 teacher shortage and to ensure every student has a qualified teacher and culturally relevant curriculum to ensure positive student outcomes!

Frame Changer

First of Its Kind career planning platform exclusive to the education field with the ability to search and apply to All education jobs in America on one platform.

Strategic Planning & Special Project

Over 30+years of education management and consulting experience to provide solutions to challenging problems that plague education. Strategic planning and special projects, including event planning, professional networking, and evaluating innovation to address the needs of under served students.

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Professional Learning Services

Frame Change Institute (FCI)

Virtual and online education solutions offered for remote and in-person learning environments.

FCI is focused on providing  world language services that focus on solutions to support ESOL, and ELL students.

  • Conversational World Languages Enrichment


  • Academic Translation Services


  • K-8 ELL Reading Programs for English Proficiency

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College Career Readiness & Education

 Is a comprehensive college and career readiness program, that provides wraparound support for a district, including Professional development and technology for your staff and students which empowers  families to connect lifelong learning to their future goals.

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Out of School Time and Advisory Services

Out of School Time Services

Frame Change Out of school time learning Enrichment offers a unique blend of academic remediation, enrichment, and preparation in a virtual, hybrid, and/or in-person learning environment.

Services includes:

Before and Afterschool Enrichment/Clubs, Summer Camps, Credit Recovery, Credit Acceleration, and Tutorial Services.

Content modules  and programs in the following areas:

STEAM, Coding, Arts, SEL, World Languages, Financial Literacy, Self-Advocacy, Mentoring, Parent Engagement.

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Frame Change Network

Our partnership network consists of vetted educational companies with quality products and services that support positive outcomes for underserved learners.

Here are the benefits of membership with Frame Change: Digital Product Placement (media production)Marketing & Sales Consulting, Direct Marketing, Digital Marketing Campaigns, Lead Generation, Strategic Consulting – Business Development, and Public relations support

Our Current Partners

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Respectful ways

Founder: Pam McNall

Trauma-Informed, Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) for PreK-12 Students and Educators. Respectful Ways online SEL programs are a modern, innovative way to bring custom Social Emotional Learning curriculum to your home or classroom.

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Empire Charter

Founder: Talibah Daniels

Empire Strategic Education Consultants - organization with members experienced with implementing Federal, State, and Local education policies impacting school communities and families across New York City. Members have served as school and district leaders responsible for supporting and evaluating school leaders, classroom pedagogues, guidance counselors, athletic coaches, and administrative school staff; to build the capacity for sustainable instructional and social-emotional development programs.

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Project SYNcERE

Founder: Jason Coleman

 PS programs provide students with opportunities to gain an understanding of engineering-based principles and recognize how they are connected to everything around them. Armed with this knowledge, our students can confidently go into the world and change it — before society tells them they can’t.

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Get Lit

Founder: Diane Lane


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Braven Solutions

Founder: Diallo Shabazz

Strategy consulting for the 21st century and beyond. We work with our clients to help write the next chapter in how their business and teams can grow. At Braven, we go the distance to make strategy actionable, leading clients to success. We offer innovative solutions, authenticity, and creative thinking, to achieve even those goals that may seemingly feel out of reach. We take the time to get to know our clients, to fully understand their vision and needs, so that we can carefully guide their successful journey.

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Teachers In Touch

Founder: Hajj Womack

One of the biggest challenges of todayʼs teachers is the amount of paperwork and documentation that is required for compliance. TeachersInTouch created a solution that simplifies workflows and paperwork so that teachers can reduce stress and teach with more time. Everything is documented for the teacher and the admin and principal gets all the data they need in order to provide support and intervention to the teacher and students.

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Players Health

Founder: Tyree Burks

Player’s Health is committed to providing the safest environment possible for individuals and athletes. It’s imperative that we provide the best opportunity for everyone to engage in sport and in life in a positive and healthy manner. We are all mandatory reporters, and Player’s Health Protect is an easy, accessible, and private way when we find ourselves in an unfortunate situation to do just that.

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Healthy Hip Hop
Literacy Program

Founder: Roy Scott

Online service that infuses education and cutting-edge technology within the

hip-hop culture to help improve, literacy, social emotional development, and classroom engagement. 

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Mantis EDU

Founder: Laron Walker

Brings STEM experiments and lessons to life with real world use cases. Empower your students to develop engineering and innovative mindsets by experimenting and engaging with emerging technologies like IoT, hydroponics, artificial intelligence, robotics and more. Standard-aligned lesson plans, easy-to-implement classroom kits, and online and in classroom training options make it easy for any educator to bring STEM to life.

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Founder: Cass Wright

My Readiness Coach is a comprehensive college and career readiness program that empowers students and families with the knowledge and tools to reach optimal academic achievement towards their

post-high school college and career goals with total funding in hand.

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